.​.​.​And It Never Ends

by Atlas

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(free) 03:26


released May 24, 2012



all rights reserved


Atlas Watertown, New York

Alternative Hardcore from Watertown, NY.

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Track Name: Circle of Life
I exist to find defeat, and in defeat I find myself
staring out into the blackness I feel nothing but relief
I exist to find defeat, and in defeat I find myself
in the blackness I feel nothing, at the silence I just scream

infinite darkness approaching me
an end to the torture I cannot see
chase my spirit down a dead end street
my demons fucking follow me
every chance I get I fail
every time I run I fucking
fall deeper in this pit
and now I’m hollowed out
just a soul trapped in hell
so fucking hollowed out

there is one truth, one knowledge
in the darkness, I have found it
the only reason I still live
the only reason I exist
there is one truth, one knowledge
in the darkness I have found it
the devil’s hands around my neck
the devil’s hands around my fucking neck,
but it’s all in my head.

creatures from the filth
expose to destroy me
dragging me down
just let me fucking breathe
no hope I can see
just accept my defeat
no fucking hope for me
just accept my defeat
Track Name: Eaten Alive
what could I do to take this pressure away?
I’d do anything to escape this pain
it’s weighing on my mind
can’t you see? it’s eating me alive

look at me
what the hell do you see?
a failure at best
a rat in a nest
just waiting to be torn apart like the rest
can’t you see? this isn’t me
it’s eating me alive
Track Name: Wearing Thin
a world full of suffering, corrupted by greed
cut myself open and bleed the poison within me
I can feel it growing, I can feel it there
my hatred, my pain, my disgust for the human race

forced to exile
my true hatred
constantly suffering
constantly sick
constantly forced to hide within the dark abyss
forced to sit within the ever growing silence
my disgust for the human race

an opportunity to die
I can feel it in my mind
I can feel it in my hands
it’s all I think about
it’s all I am
when I look into the mirror
I see less than a man
just a boy with no dreams
just a boy with no plans

it can’t be
when I look in the mirror I’m not seeing me
just some monster I swore I’d never be
overcome with jealousy
and today’s the day
I’m consumed with hate

when will be wake?
and feel the pain
because today’s the same as yesterday
and I just can’t remain
wasting away
Track Name: Broken Homes
in another life
maybe I’d know myself
maybe I’d know something other than this never ending hell
because I’ll never forgive
the life you left behind
for tears in my mother’s eyes
for tears in your daughter’s eyes

break me till there’s nothing left
finding solace in the darkness
of your fucking dying breaths
there’s this noose around my neck
whispering “just fucking do this”
and it never ends
and it never fucking ends
scream in my fucking face
bend me, fucking break me
he’s just a child, he’s just a child
what kind of man are you?

I spent my whole life wondering
just wear the fuck I fell off track
every option that I travel
it just leads me fucking back

you’re too numb to fucking listen
to my screams of agony
I’ll just sit inside the silence
till the devil comes for me
and it never fucking ends
and it never ends